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A Little Something About Me

Ana Defuego started her adult performing journey in 2013. She decided to start performing burlesque after overcoming a particularly rough period of her life and completed her training with Sensuelle in Bournemouth.


"It was amazing for my confidence and creativity as I loved building acts and costumes to tell a story on stage"


Ana performed all over the south west including London and went on to produce her own shows in her home town of Weymouth. 

Although from a young age Ana had a passion for the creative arts, she played the drums, took classes in dance, gymnastics, piano and also performed in various variety shows. A natural born performer!

"I just love the buzz I get from delivering a great performance and also receiving validation from an amazing audience"

Ana had started experimenting with fire and circus at her first festival experience in 2008.

"I bought my first pair of poi at Glastonbury festival 2008 and I was HOOKED , I saw people perform with them on fire and that was it, new goal unlocked! as soon as I was confident enough I invested in a pair of fire poi and I was amazed at how they made me feel. having two whooshing balls of fire spinning around your body and head was insane, I loved the buzz! but most of all I loved the way it quietened my mind almost putting me in a mediative state " 

Ana has eight years of Performing with fire at events under her belt, with an array of fire props and costumes in tow, Ana can tailor acts to fit any event.


Certain props have been made by herself making them completely unique. Ana is fully insured and takes all fire safety precaution's into consideration. Professionally trained in fire breathing by Georgia Harvey Duncan Price of "The Toxic Dolls" and fire manipulation with Tom Makinson of "Fire in your face"

"I’m passionate about what I do, and my hope is to spread this passion to all my audiences and even inspire people to start a new skill "

Most recently Ana has added children's circus workshops to her services, perfect for children's parties, events, festivals and more. Ana has a regular slot at Brewery square in Dorchester, Dorset once a week over summer and half term time. Which is free for anyone to attend. 

"It's amazing to see children invest in learning a new skill and also getting the parents involved in playing together as a family. Circus skills is proven to improve social skills, motor skills, physical activity and mental health for all ages, it also promotes spending time away from computer screens and TVs"


If you are interested in finding out more about Ana Defuego's journey or would like to inquire about booking a fire performance or a children's workshop please don't hesitate to get in touch.  

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